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Emily Villani | Social Media

Emily Villani is a full-time student and a ball of energy. She is an optimist, a dreamer, an actor and singer, and a full-time advocate for the equality for women. Born and raised in Toronto, she is currently in her second year of studies at the University of Toronto, working towards a double major in Theatre and Equity Studies with a focus on disability studies. She hopes to continue to pursue these two passions, and bring them together in the future. Outside of school, you can find Emily on a stage - the place where she feels like she is most herself.

More than anything, Emily knows that she wants to leave a positive impact on people. Her passion for caring for those around her has made her the compassionate person she is today, and she hopes to spread that to as many people as she can. Emily is a firm believer that growing older doesn’t necessarily mean growing up, and she wants to continue to acknowledge her inner Peter Pan for allowing her to find the magic in every second of her life.