We are very excited for you all to meet this week’s #FEMMEFEATUREFRIDAY: Jacqueline Jennings. This incredible woman came into our lives a few months ago and we completely fell in love with her. She has such a beautiful, kind, and giving spirit, and we are so excited for you all to learn more about her.

Jacqueline has spent a decade working with industry leading companies such as Aritzia and Lululemon. After mentoring, supporting, and enabling these high-profile executives, she became an outstanding business consultant, strategist and entrepreneur coach. On top of all of that, Jacqueline is also a wonderful mother, a cook, and a bit of a witch if you will. :)

This badass woman believes that vulnerability, enthusiasm, and being able to take care of an objective personal inventory is the starting point to an incredible path both career wise and on a personal level. She knows how to support and encourage those around her, and how to push others onto the path of their truest desires. Jacqueline undeniably has this beautiful purpose of elevating entrepreneurs, connecting them to their True North and helping them play big and do good. We couldn’t wait to pick her brain (and her heart) for all our YGTGirls. Get ready to learn more about Jacqueline Jennings and her magical ways.

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

What is something about being a coach to entrepreneurs and brands that most people wouldn't know?

I don't know about other coaches but mostly, I listen, ask questions and mirror back to people what they already know. Sometimes it is difficult to pull it out. It's hard to see our own truths most of the time! Also, little known fact, most successful folks - whether celebrities or Fortune 500 CEO's -  have a coach. Or several. We are like successful peoples secret weapon. 

How did you find your calling? 

While I was working for several successful fashion companies I thought I found IT in my 20's. Really I'd found some nice shoes (okay a lot), a car, a cool apartment and some swank trips on private jets. I thought that was my passion. 

I finally found my calling in several parts mostly after some face-plants, some graceful, others not so much. Training. Therapy (seriously). Healing. Failing miserably. Reading about random things I was curious about. I was well on my journey, when my friend Cory Monteith passed away suddenly. It was awful and heartbreaking. And it crystallized things in my life in an instant. The tragedy has a way of taking this snapshot of my entire life in a moment. It made me put things in priority sequence immediately. I had all these plans I was thinking about, these things I wanted to change in my life and I hit go on all of it. I knew there was no time to waste. That is how he inspired me to live. 

My calling is evolving, more and more rapidly these days. The more work I do to heal and grow, the more things show up I wouldn't have expected. Right now coaching entrepreneurs, connecting with groups of women, activism, ceremony and connecting to nature are a big focus. Less things, more connection. 

What advice can you give to our girls who are searching for theirs?

My advise is to go get some tools* to deal with the hard stuff. Disappointment. Loss of control. Misunderstandings. Ego. Then chase what feels good. Moments of joy are the whole point. We can't feel joy every minute of every day cause life happens and feelings need to be felt. But keep an eye on the ratio. And adjust what isn't working. Meditation is a great tool, for all of the above.  Maybe someone's calling is "trying all things". Or lifelong learning. We are not one thing. Don't try to put yourself into one box. We are all many things. 

"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates. Somewhere along the way this quote has become the cornerstone of a lot of what I do and help others to achieve. 

Did you receive any specific advice along your journey that you felt made a difference? 

1) "Find mentors" I have been blessed to get great advice from so many people in business and sisterhood. From advise about negotiating salary's, navigate romance or how to approach a project. Find someone who has what you want: think about the people in your life who are further down a path you would like to follow and build relationships with them. Mentors are golden.

2) "We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with" So be super picky about those #squadgoals.

3) "Create a vision for your life" 10 years can go by accidentally or intentionally. Getting clear on what we do and don't want 

4) Write your ideas and daydreams down. However random. Magic happens when pen touches paper. The universe is listening.

Who inspires you and your work?

My clients inspire me daily. I work with entrepreneurs who are innovating in their area. They are approaching business with social conscience. In a lot of cases they are flipping the script the status quo in some way.  

Ancestors My badass native ancestors, especially these incredible Cree, Anishnaabeg and Metis matriarchs who lived connected to nature, survived unimaginable tragedy and were resilient AF. Resilience is the thread amongst everyone who inspires me. 

Rachel Ricketts my friend, who I met when she was a corporate lawyer, is now leading a wildly necessary and brave conversation around grief and loss with her newly launched business @lossandfoundxo

Laverne Cox because she is a beacon of light and also because being a trailblazer, the first of any marginalized group to challenge the status quo, is unfathomably hard. She is paving a road for the LGBTQ community inside entertainment and everywhere.

My 3 Year Old Son he inspires me to be intentional and efficient in my work. To be selective about who I work with. And to be rigorous in my self-care so that I can be thriving and present with him on our walks in the forest or reading books. He's not big on excuses. He also blesses me with the incredible responsibility of raising a kind, generous, sensitive and resilient human adult. I know how much we need more of those. 

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl?

I think she is deeply curious about herself and those around her and the systems she finds herself within. She questions things and expresses herself creatively. She's a leader, within her family, community, her school, her work, hobby or social circle. She is kind to herself.