We are very happy to introduce a dear friend of ours as this week’s #FEMMEFEATUREFRIDAY: Natalie Romero. Natalie is a stunning dancer, creative entrepreneur, crystal lover and green thumb enthusiast. Her energy and personality is so contagious, and she truly is a bright light in this world. She never fails to share her positive energy wherever she goes, and she leads her life with an open heart!

Natalie has danced with some of your favorite celebrities in the industry. She has shared the stage with none other than Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, and Nicole Scherzinger. In addition, she has been working with Jennifer Lopez for years now as both her stand in and as one of the core dancers in her “All I have” Vegas residency show! She can be spotted in numerous TV shows such as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Glee, too. We’re also so happy to announce that Natalie recently completed her first commercial! Keep an eye out for her in the newest Holiday Inn Express commercial!

Besides shining on stage, Natalie is the co-owner of a furniture company called Mattalie Designs ( Her and her life partner create unique home decor out of reclaimed materials, and their items are absolutely stunning. We love how Natalie incorporates her creativity into absolutely everything she does, and we are always inspired by her ability to freely express herself in all aspects of life. We hope that our YGTGirls can embody their individuality and purpose just the way Natalie Romero does!

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

What do you think was the most important asset that helped you to thrive when you began your dancing career?

Thriving is surviving, perseverance is what gave me my dance career. Never excepting "no" as an answer. Confidence, plays a big role in those audition rooms. I was cut from countless auditions, that lead me to understand I was holding myself back. Mentally I choose to make a change. Dance is my greatest teacher in life. I have learned so many valuable lessons through dance, dancers, teachers, bosses, etc. Keep an open mind, work hard, and never quit. 

What is the biggest struggle that you had to face as a dancer? What did you do to overcome that?

 Learning to not take anything personal. It gets complicated when your hair, height, weight, and the ability to execute the choreography are the determining factors in you getting the Job. There are some jobs that, I "thought" I "needed", the moment I let go of that "need", the jobs came flowing in. As an artist you strive to be the best by studying the best, by surrounding yourself with "the best" and BECOMING YOUR BEST. 

What woman inspires you the most?

A woman that has taught dance for over 40 years. A woman that has changed hundreds of lives through dance. A woman that owned and taught at her own dance studio. A woman that spends her time off, learning new techniques for class; Pilates, yoga, and Tap rhythms from NYs best tappers. A woman I call MOM. Susan Lynn Thorvick is the woman that inspires me the most. She has always shown me honesty and hard work pay off. I'm so lucky to have a professional teacher as my mom. Her patience and intelligence were always hard at work. I love you mom.

What's the advice that you received along your journey that you felt made a difference?

I was about 13, I had gotten a note in a master class, I was bothered by the teachers correction, I wanted to be perfect. My mother explained to me, that I want notes, I want to know my teachers are interested in me, I want to be seen, not looked over. From then on I gave gratitude for every note and created strong working relationships with choreographers and dancers alike.

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl?

A YGTGirl is someone that wants to create a positive change in the world while empowering those around her.