This week, we have the phenomenal ADDY CHAN as our #FEMMEFEATUREFRIDAY! Originally from Vancouver, Addy has taken the industry by a storm and she’s had extensive experience on all sides of production. She's a star in front of the camera and behind it, and she's a powerful force of nature. We love how free-spirited and warm-hearted Addy is, and she’s never afraid to be exactly who she wants to be. She’s truly one of a kind with a fiery soul, and you can’t help but feel her infectious positive energy whenever she’s in the room!

Addy’s passion and talent have painted an extremely illustrious career for her. She's performed for numerous artists such as Flo Rida, Danny Fernandes, TRISH, and Keshia Chante, and she can be seen in Suicide Squad, Step Up 5, Frenemies, and Descendants. She’s also choreographed for companies such as The Children’s Aid Foundation, Just For Laughs, Microsoft, Holt Renfrew, and Aveda, as well as for the Nickolodeon TV show MAKE IT POP. Currently, Addy is the assistant choreographer for the DreamWorks world premiere of the musical Prince of Egypt.

As if Addy hasn’t put out enough amazing work out into the world, she also has her own company with Caroline Torti called BOOKED, which is a workshop that provides dancers with an insider edge to book jobs in the industry. She mentors dancers and helps them navigate through the challenging entertainment business as she shares her struggles, stories, and experiences with students. We are SO inspired by everything Addy represents because she’s exactly what an empowered lady looks like… a confident woman who’s living the exact life she wants to live and helping others along the way. Thank you Addy for sharing your beautiful words with us and dfor being the badass you are!

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

We love that you have taken on the role of being both in front of the camera and behind it. Can you tell us about how the experience of learning and mastering both sides has shaped you as a performer?

I’ve been very fortunate to have carved out a career path that feeds my various interests.  As a dancer, choreographer, casting director and producer working in a variety of mediums there is no doubt that each role has helped to inform the other.  Knowledge is power, and seeing a project from multiple perspectives only makes you better at your job.  The variety of responsibility I’ve held and the understanding that comes with it has enormously benefited my overall performance.  For example, I dissect a casting breakdown through the eyes of a casting director, I audition knowing what stands out to a choreographer, I communicate quickly with production because I know everything is time sensitive for producers and on set I know how to adjust to camera for the shot.  Everyone likes working with smart dancers, so the more you know the more valuable you will be. 

What are some tips you can share with our YGTGirls that you have learned from running your company Addy Chan Casting and Production?

What I love about YGTG is that you ladies prioritize nurturing your mind and heart just as much as training your body.  A career in dance is tough, and your mental and emotional strength will undoubtably be tested. Rejection is inevitable. But learning about how casting decisions are made has taken some of the disappointment away from not getting a job, and it's allowed me to truly understand that all I can do is my best and the rest is out of my control. Being the best dancer in the room doesn't always mean you’ll book the job. Variables such as your look, ethnicity, your height compared to the lead, how many brunettes have already been cast, if you can work as a local so production can get a tax break, all play a part in the decision process. So don't beat yourself up over not booking a job. There are always more opportunities! 

When sending a submission, read a casting breakdown thoroughly and send only and exactly what was asked. A resume should only be one page. Don’t send videos when you are not easily identifiable (if you do at least specify “center, red shirt”).  Make sure your headshots accurately represent how you currently look.  Do your research about the project and show up to the audition looking the part. 

What do you think has been your most important asset that has helped you to thrive?

If we’re talking thriving overall as a human, my family.  If we’re talking personality traits, I’d acknowledge my work ethic, stress management, pride, an openness and curiosity for people and trying new things, being kind and always putting my heart into everything I do!

What's the advice that you received along your journey that you felt made a difference?

I can't think of any specific advice, but my dad loves military analogies. I grew up on referencing everything as a battle to be won and never backing down without a fight. As a kid we would chant “WE ARE SOLDIERS!” and I was conditioned to attack life. I think this shaped a mentality of strength and resilience which is pretty key in this business! ”NEVER SURRENDER!”  

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl?

She is always on a quest to be the best version of her true self.