Our incredible #FEMMEMFEATUREFRIDAY this week is personal trainer, fitness model, and competitor, women’s transformational coach, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and supermom Nichelle Laus! This inspiring woman decided to make the brave decision to resign from her career as a police officer after 15 years of service to pursue her life-long passion for health and fitness. Today, Nichelle is one of the most in-demand fitness experts and she is determined to coach and mentor other women on how to feel good about their bodies and create a life they love while managing day-to-day life such as raising a family. We absolutely adore how Nichelle has found the rhythm in her life by learning how to balance and not sacrifice anything that is important to her.

It goes without saying that Nichelle wears many, many hats! As a Certified Personal Trainer and Women’s Transformational Specialist, she has shared her expertise as an article contributor and cover model for various fitness magazines such as OptiMyz Magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness and Muscle Memory. Her workouts have also been featured in several international publications including STRONG Fitness Magazine, Impact Magazine and Inside Fitness Magazine. Additionally, she has appeared in four television commercials for Nike and is a sought-out brand ambassador for advertising campaigns for major companies such as Puma. For over 18 years Nichelle trained and competed at an amateur level in both boxing and kick boxing. A combination of her training and dedication organically transitioned her into figure and bikini competitions back in 2005 and today, she is a member of the Ontario Physique Association (OPA). From 2014 to 2015, she also worked as a Fitness Consultant for the Edmonton Oilers Octane cheerleaders. Presently, she is the Co-Founder and Owner of Optimum Training Centre in Toronto and is the Editor-In-Chief of NL Women’s Magazine. She has coached hundreds of women and was recently selected to be the host and guest instructor for Sweat RX Magazine’s Strong Women Summit. This woman is a rock star!

Nichelle is the truest definition of what it means to be an influencer. A role model, a leader and a dream-chaser, Nichelle is all about helping other women successfully transform their lives! Her biggest hope it to encourage women to get out of their own way and commit to bettering themselves. Nichelle recognizes the significance of her work with her personal clients, and most importantly she understands how that translates into the bigger picture of the message she gives to her community at large. Nichelle believes that by motivating other women and mothers to be their best selves, they can also show generations of children how to lead healthy and happy lives. Thank you Nichelle for being fearlessly driven to show all women that they have what it takes to be anything and everything they want to be!

Written by Alessia Rotino

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

You have an incredible career in the health and wellness industry! We absolutely love seeing women who have found their purpose through the combination of their passions and life experiences. Can you tell us about your journey into becoming a women’s transformational specialist?

Fitness has always been part of my life. I used to be a competitive kick boxer and boxer, but when I got married and started a family, I found the demand for training for a fight was far too great. After going to watch my best friend compete in a fitness competition, I decided to pursue that sport because the training could be done on my own time. I started coaching a short time after, and by word of mouth, my online training business started to grow rapidly.

I should mention that this whole time, I had a career as a full-time police officer. The shift work and days off made it easier to have a second job. But after a while, all my time off was spent working on my online training business. In case life wasn’t busy enough, my husband (who was also a police officer) started working a second job as a fitness photographer. Our passion for what we did shone through, and as the years went on, our second businesses became so successful that we decided to make them our primary businesses.

When my husband decided to spread his wings and look for a studio space of his own, he came across this beautiful, well-lit, easily accessible location in Toronto, and asked me if I wanted a small space to train clients. One thing led to another, and after a few consultations with some business mentors, we decided to open Optimum Training Centre (OTC) Toronto.

We decided in order to work at full capacity, we had to make an important, risky decision. After 15 years as police officers, we both resigned to nurture our new baby, OTC. It was very hard to leave my comfort zone. I had a secure job, with great benefits and a pension. But sometimes in life, you have to take a risk. You have to follow your heart and passion and realize that there are greater things meant for you.

What is your favorite thing about being a woman? What do you believe makes women so special?

I love being a woman because we are amazing! We are empathetic, empowered, we are great at expressing our emotions, and we are great leaders. There’s nothing a woman can’t do!

Tell us about a challenging time in your life. What did you do to overcome it? What did you learn about yourself in the process?

I would say it was definitely when I left my career as a police officer to pursue my passion for health and fitness. Being an entrepreneur and a full-time mom of four children definitely has its challenges, but every day I wake up and I am grateful that I have the flexibility I need to make it all happen. I learned how strong I really am. I learned that I could weather any storm and come out ahead. 

In your opinion, what do you think are the top three ingredients for success and why?

  1. Positive Mindset – Once you have set your goal, you need to be in the proper positive mindset to make it happen.

  2. Love what you do – If you love what you do, everything will fall into place naturally and organically.

  3. Consistency – Once you have developed the focus, you need the determination to fulfill your goals. Never give up! 

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl?

A passionate and determined woman, who inspires and motivates other women with her story of success and struggle, because she knows that without struggle there is no progress.