We are over the moon excited to share this week’s #FEMMEFEATUREFRIDAY with you! Boss babe Emily Charlotte is an Australian dancer, self-empowerment mentor and mindset junkie! This radiant woman glows with loving energy and her genuine soul shines through to everyone she meets. She is literally a ball of positivity and joy! Emily is down-to-earth and supportive of all those around her, so you naturally can’t help but feel uplifted when in her optimistic presence. This rare and unique woman is a spiritual badass, as she maneuvers her life by adapting to the ebb and flow of the Universe. In moments of struggle, Emily finds strength in her unshakeable faith and chooses to remain hopeful that things will always work out in the end. Her outlook is what ultimately allows to her follow her intuition effortlessly. Emily is beyond inspiring and is a reminder to all of us to trust, let go, and let a higher power take its course.

This lovely girl is a woman of many talents! After completing her law degree in Australia, she decided to pack her bags and follow her impulse to move to Canada, and she now currently resides in Toronto where she’s pursuing a career in dance. Emily is also the founder and creator of City Mystic, which is the platform she uses to share her fun ideas on how one can operate at their highest vibe and invite more magic into their life. So cool, right? This fearless woman knows who she is, what she wants and continues to create the life she’s always imagined for herself. Having started her own business at the age of 22 to landing her dream job working for international supermodel Josie Maran Cosmetics, Emily is proof that each of our dreams are meant to be received!

Fun fact – Emily was actually one of YGTG’s very first students in Toronto and she always makes an effort to come to our events when we’re in town! This dedicated woman embodies the mission and values we aim to instill throughout our workshops, and she has evolved into an honorary ambassador for YGTG ever since she started working with us. Her drive to empower and support those around her warms our hearts and we truly admire her passion to help everyone she comes into contact with. Emily strives to live her life to the fullest. She believes that by reaching her highest potential and by becoming more self-aware she can elevate others to do the same. We are honored to know women like Emily, as she has found her purpose in life by listening to her spontaneous heart, sharing her infectious energy and discovering her destiny through the guidance of the Universe. Look up! This girl is a shooting star, and there’s nothing stopping her!

Written by Alessia Rotino

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

You are such a loving and giving spirit, and it is so inspiring to see how open you are in sharing your light! How do you keep your spirit going on a daily basis? Do you have any regular practices you partake in to keep spirits high?

Thank you! I like to think my reality is a reflection of my inner world so I try to make a conscious effort daily to tend to my wellbeing. I love feeling happy and I have many practices I draw on that help me get into alignment. Because I’m currently living a busy city life in Toronto, I weave these practices into my daily routine so that they become habits for me but I always give myself space to switch it up and listen to my intuition.

To stay in a positive high vibe mindset, I spend a lot of time cuddling and walking my two wrinkle dogs. Making lists of things I am appreciative of. Making a conscious effort to be the best version of myself moment by moment whether I’m doing something more serious or ordering a cup of coffee. I meditate daily by quieting my mind then visualizing all my wildest dreams coming true. I journal my thoughts, ideas that have come to me during meditation or simple intentions I want to set. I listen to podcasts that feature interesting people so I’m always learning something new. I read a ton! There is always a book in my bag ready to go. Books have the ability to suck you out of your reality and plonk you straight into your clarity. I spend time outside every day. I exercise a lot and I switch it up, keeping it lighthearted and fun. At the moment, I rotate between dance, boxing and hot yoga. I surround myself with top quality people and I make a deliberate effort to focus on the positive aspects of life. I think the key to being in high spirits is to keep my practices multifaceted that way I have lots of instant mood boosters to draw on at any time during my day!

What do you think are the top three qualities of a badass woman and why?

I think a badass woman is self-empowered, charismatic and kind.

To me, a total badass woman is someone who is self-empowered, a woman who moves through life tending to her own mindset so that she is always feeling powerful regardless of circumstances beyond her control. I think this quality in a woman is so sexy! I’ve always admired women who are able to lead and uplift themselves by looking within. A badass woman to me is charismatic because she allows her radiance to be seen and felt and expressed through every interaction with the world around her. My badass woman is also kind! The kindness of so many women in my life has uplifted me countless times. Simple acts of kindness shown by women toward me in my darkest times have pulled me out of that dark hole and back into my true confident self.

Tell us about a really challenging time in your life and what you did to overcome it.

A few years ago, I was working for a company in Australia that I had dreamt up a long-term career plan with. After working with them for a few years and putting in a ton of hard work, I think I applied for 4 or 5 internal job promotions and one by one I received rejection calls. I had decided to grow with this company instead of pursuing a traditional career in law after I graduated from Law School so I remember feeling completely devastated! It’s funny though because this was the catalyst behind my choice to move to the other side of the world to Toronto, Canada and I ended up working for a famous supermodel from California where I now get to travel to LA regularly and live a life I used to dream of… so the Universe really does know best. My tip for overcoming that challenge – trust and let go, let the Universe work it’s magic it knows what you want and it knows the brightest way to serve it to you.

Why do you think the world needs females to be empowered right now? What do you think women have to offer to the world?

I think the world thrives every time a woman decides to move through life cultivating her own mindset, being intentional about the kind of energy she chooses to bring into the world, being mindful of the impact that she wants to have on a space. Empowerment is an energy that is infectious! I think an empowered woman is really gorgeous to witness, she has this magic about her and the grace to uplift people everywhere she goes.

What's your definition of a YGTGirl?

A YGTGirl is the type of girl who cares about her presence in the world. She takes care to know who she really is, she listens to what she wants and she knows her worthiness in having all of it. She is that soul hit tapping you on the shoulder every time you are thinking something that isn’t kind to yourself or about to do something that doesn’t serve you. She’s the best friend in us all!