We are so excited to share this week’s lovely #FEMMEFEATUREFRIDAY with you, Reanna Shay! Originally from South Jordan in Utah, Reanna has been dancing since she was three years old. At the age of 19, she decided to follow her passion for dance and move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. This determined girl believes in the power of self-care and practices journaling, meditation and yoga to keep herself motivated and focused on her goals. These daily rituals make her feel inspired and ready to tackle the world. Reanna’s biggest role models have been all the remarkable women in her life. These ladies have taught her to never to give up in the face of adversity and they’ve empowered her to fearlessly chase after her wildest ambitions.

Reanna is well versed and trained in all styles of dance. Before moving to California, she competed for years and received many national awards and scholarships. She also trained with Expansion, a pre-professional company under the direction of Bonnie Story. Currently, this talented woman is represented by Go 2 Talent Agency and Dance On Network. Reanna has had incredible success as a professional dancer and choreographer and has had the amazing opportunity to perform and showcase her own work in some of LA’s most prestigious dance shows. Some of her credits include High School Musical, Salt Lake City Winter Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies under the direction of Kenny Ortega, We Day with Alessia Cara and The Late Late Show with James Cordon.

Reanna is unstoppable and even through her hardships, she’s always reminded of what’s important and why we cannot hold ourselves back from living the life we want! This beautiful soul encourages us to find moments in our daily experiences to channel our inner power and find our voices. We love how Reanna advocates for being confident in who you are, and we admire how determined she is to tell other girls how worthy they are. Reanna’s hope it to inspire others to pursue what they love and to teach them to never give up on the things that set their souls on fire. This girl shows us what it really means to follow your aspirations and to always believe in yourself first! Thank you Reanna for spreading so much good into the world.

Written by Alessia Rotino

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Who are your biggest inspirations and why?

My biggest inspirations are the women in my life I was lucky enough to grow up around. My mom being the first, she has so much love and strength for everyone in her life. She has never let a day go by without letting me know how much I am loved, and how capable I am of accomplishing my wildest dreams. Both of my grandmas have played such a huge part in my life, they are badass women who have faced so much adversity in their own personal lives but continued to fight past it and create beautiful lives for themselves and their families. My Aunt Claudia, who has been such a positive role model all of my life. She recently just fought and beat stage four ovarian cancer. She inspires me every day to get up, kick ass, and not let anything get in the way of that. I honestly have so many powerful women in my family, and each of them continue to inspire me day in and day out. I am so extremely blessed to have them in my life.

What do you do every day to keep your energy and spirits high?

In the past year, I have made my morning rituals a must. Of course it always starts with coffee because coffee is truly life, duh. I read for a bit, as well. I am very into self-help, spiritual, and life coaching books at the moment, so that helps with getting me inspired for the day. I am HUGE fan of journaling, and I believe I have about eight full journals I have filled over the last 25 years. I meditate (or attempt to). I write down what I would like to accomplish during my day, and how I want to approach the day. Also, yoga is an everyday must! Most the time when my days start off with any of these things, it jump-starts me into an amazing day. If the day ever takes a turn for the worse, good music and a dance party usually helps turn it back around.

Tell us about a time where you struggled. How did you pick yourself back up?

A little under two years ago my beautiful Grandma Shirla passed away unexpectedly. She was a huge light in my life. She was one person I knew I could always count on and she was always so happy and so damn funny. You couldn’t be around her without laughing at her wit and her sarcasm. She was always making sure you felt loved and appreciated. I wasn’t truly able to say goodbye to her because of work, and that will forever be very hard on me. It took me a long time to pick myself up and want to get back to Los Angeles to continue to pursue my dreams. I just wanted to stay back in Utah and be surrounded by family and friends. When I got back to Los Angeles I found a note she had written me and it said, “Continue to follow your dreams my California girl, I am here and I am fine”. After reading that, I felt so much comfort. It propelled me into my career and I felt so much strength after that. I know she is still with me and rooting for me every step of the way.

Why do you think it’s important for women to use their voices right now? Can you tell us about a time where you used your voice or maybe even a time where it was difficult to speak up?

I feel it has always been extremely important for women to use their voices. However, right now is such an important time because we have the volume on loud and clear. It excites me every single day to see strong, badass women standing up for themselves and others around them in the media and even in my own personal life. Recently, I feel I have been put in a lot of situations where I really needed to be honest with myself and others and speak up on what I felt needed to be said. There isn’t a big moment that comes to mind when I think of this subject. It was more like an everyday event, realizing I had to stay connected to my intuition and my voice and not be scared of its power. Knowing that vulnerability and honesty are also strong qualities for a female to have and we all have to continue to push for that. Breaking down all the barriers. It is SO exciting!

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl?

When I think of the definition for a YGTGirl, I think of strength, power, and love. The strength to get up every single day and go for exactly what it is that sets your soul on fire, no matter what anybody tells you. To continue to push for what you believe in and the impact you want to have on this world. The power to fight, even when you feel you don’t have another minute in you. The love for yourself, and for others. To be the most authentic, vulnerable version of yourself and to know that it IS enough.