We love Fridays for so many reasons but mostly because we get to introduce you to so many inspiring women! This week’s #FEMMEFEATUREFRIDAY is the incredible Angela Mahoney! Originally from a small town in Eastern Canada, Angela is a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, mentor and mother currently residing in Toronto. What we admire most about Angela is her steadfast drive and infectious positivity! She has never let the ups and downs of the industry affect the vision she has for herself or for her career. So, what’s Angela secret to success? Simply, HARD WORK! She believes in putting in the time and committing to the blood, sweat and tears it takes in order to have longevity.

Angela is a badass heels guru herself! This lovely woman is the founder and director of an all-female heels company called Hot In Heels Canada, and is a friend, teacher and mentor to so many aspiring dancers. She empowers all of her students, whether they are beginner or professional, to feel confident and pursue their dreams without hesitation. Whether she is teaching class, rehearsing with her company or working with a dancer one-on-one, Angela takes the time to get to know everyone she trains on a personal level. She values building meaningful relationships and strives to challenge her students to cultivate transformation and growth. In addition, Angela has danced for some of the biggest names in music including Katy Perry, Jason Derulo, Nick Jonas, Dean Brody, and Sting. What a star!

We love how Angela’s confidence radiates from the inside out. She encourages all of us to find our own inner strength by learning from the challenges that are thrown our way. When we embrace our fears and persevere through hard times, we emerge feeling stronger, more resilient and CONFIDENT. This amazing woman motivates all those around her to be their best selves, and that’s exactly why so many women love learning from her. Angela is the ultimate boss lady who shows us you can conquer anything you want through dedication, passion, and love. Thank you Angela for being a leader and for reminding us women that there’s nothing we can’t do. You rock!

Written by Alessia Rotino

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

What is your favorite thing about being a woman?

I LOVE being a woman. I think women are incredible beings. Resilient, brave and nurturing. I love the inner strength and the outer softness of being a woman. I love how much we FEEL. I love how I move as a woman. I love how layered we are.

How was becoming a mother changed your perspective on life?

It’s completely changed my perspective on life. Having my son has not only shown me how much I have to give…having a child has taught me patience, taught me hard work, and taught me how to survive on very little sleep! Ha-ha! Mostly it’s taught me what really matters in life. Everything I do now, I do for him.

Did you ever doubt your decision in choosing a nontraditional career? What’s your advice for girls who aspire to pave their own path?

I didn’t always BELIEVE I could have a career in dance. I come from a very small town, and I didn’t realize the opportunities that were available outside of there. I didn’t build my career on luck; I built it on hard work. Hard work builds confidence because you know the blood, sweat and tears that went into it. And that is what I try to instill in my dancers, my students, and young girls who aspire to do what they love. You can’t JUST be a good dancer. You have to work hard to understand the industry, market yourself, find the right mentors, and be an entrepreneur if you want longevity in this field.

What does having confidence mean to you?

Confidence for me isn’t exterior. A cute outfit or a good hair day will make you feel GOOD. But that isn’t confidence. When I work one-on-one with women, I always like to chat with them a bit to find out about their background and 9 times out of 10 I will find that whatever obstacle or hurdle they are dealing with always comes down to lack of confidence. But I see such incredible transformations from encouraging them to do things they thought were too difficult. Anything from challenging choreography, to simply just looking at themselves in the mirror. For me, confidence comes from doing HARD STUFF. And the more hard stuff you do, the more you’ll start believing you CAN.

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl?

My definition of YGTGirl is someone who not only believes in themselves but someone who builds up the girls/women around them too. There’s so much power in just understanding one another and being able to say to someone, “Don’t give up, you got this”.