We are so pumped to introduce you to yet another amazing female duo. This week’s #FEMMEFEATURERIDAY is Nicole Pollock and Jorie Brown of Cotton Candy Event Staffing! These ladies are the FULL package… intelligent, hardworking, kind, and did we mention beautiful? It’s no wonder so many girls look up to them! Having danced for many years, their training was infused with the fundamentals of being confident, disciplined and the capacity to handle pressure while working as a team. Attributes that they learned were applicable in all areas of life, especially when starting a new business. These boss babes genuinely embody what it means to have a “team” mindset, and they believe their team approach has been the biggest catalyst behind their growth.

Nicole and Jorie both began their journeys as young competitive dancers, followed by many years as ambassadors and performers for the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak and the Toronto Argonauts. Nicole and Jorie say that, “The magnitude and impact of working in sports and entertainment resulted in shaping two strong women who learned invaluable skills, built a diverse network and learned the ultimate secret of success… working together”. From there, the business concept for Cotton Candy Event Staffing was born! The amalgamation of their creative performance backgrounds and life long hobbies led them both into life-changing careers. This transformation coincided with leading a path of positive female leadership and mentorship. These girls are AMAZING!

What we admire most about these women is how they’ve created and built their business by embracing their talents and maximizing on their experience. It is so inspiring to see how these ladies continue to build COTCAN while still largely focusing on developing their staff’s skills so that they can achieve their own personal goals. What we love most about these girls is how they have made COTCAN into so much more than an event-staffing agency! Nicole and Jorie are determined to provide their staff with the opportunities that will prepare them with the tools they will need to take on their future dreams. With a large female presence on their roster, they particularly want to inspire young women to feel empowered and confident, so that they too can have any future they fight to purse long after their time with COTCAN. Thank you ladies for showing us what it truly means to be a BOSS!

Written by Alessia Rotino

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

You both are such beautiful, intelligent and ambitious women! What does having confidence mean to you? How did you learn to cultivate your own self-confidence?

To us, confidence is the ability to look at a situation and know that no matter what, you can conquer it. And not just conquer it alone, but also one of the most powerful and strong things you can do is conquer it leaning on the people around you to achieve success together. Being able to see the greatness in others and lift each other up is the ultimate definition of confidence. It comes from being comfortable in your skin and knowing who you truly are.

Why is it important for women to support one another, and why is it important in today’s society?

One of our favorite quotes is “strong alone, unstoppable together” and that truly is how we look at our lives and our business. Women supporting women will make us all go further, stronger and become more united. Now more so than ever, the women’s movement is so powerful. The more we come together to push each other, our culminating growth is limitless.

Tell us about your desire to start Cotton Candy Event Staffing. What unique strengths do you feel each of you bring to COTCAN? What difference did you want to make in the event industry?

We launched Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc with the intentions of filling a gap in the marketplace to provide staffing solutions that create meaningful connections between brands and consumers. Our mission was to groom staff to make a long lasting impression. We wanted to know that when consumers walked away from a brand interaction or event, the impact of their interaction lasted far beyond the event itself. 

Jorie and I felt we had the opportunity to change the game by developing the amazing talent we were surrounded with and mentoring their growth. Our secret weapon is that we were able to see the industry from an inside perspective and used that to leverage our own spin on creative staffing.Our unique performance background provides an edge in the experiential marketing industry.

The company has the ability to not just provide staff but also choreograph performances, costumes, design or bring to life an out of the box idea using staff to help make any event or branding experience elevated. We want to continue to develop our industry though grooming young, smart, talented people to learn about themselves through these event experiences and develop skills to take with them into their next adventure. 

What are three essential qualities you believe female leaders should embody?

1. The most important factor in being a leader is the ability to cultivate and form genuine relationships...

2. Perseverance to continue tostrive for greatnessno matter what challenges you face and...

3. Focus on staying humble and nurturing the belief that you can conquer anything with hard work and a strong support system.

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl?

The ability to know that no matter what, you can achieve anything and the confidence to know that working with others is a sign of strength.