It brings us so much joy to have the incredible Chenelle Monique as our #FEMMFEATUREFRIDAY this week! Chenelle is a go-getter who beautifully complements her unparalleled work ethic with her unwavering positive attitude. It’s so inspiring to see how Chenelle’s determination has helped her find a way to dedicate time to everything she loves. As a woman with many, many passions, Chenelle reminds us that learning how to navigate a career while raising a family can be difficult but can always be done. Chenelle is role model who finds her greatest fulfillment while teaching. She takes great pride in being able to educate and teach life skills through movement, whether it is in dance or fitness.

This super talented woman has been blessed to dance and choreograph across many platforms including film, TV, stage, music videos and industrials. She’s also had the opportunity to act in many film roles, TV spots, voiceover work, print work and national ads. Some of Chenelle’s credits include Americas Got Talent, MTV, VH1, Disney, NBA, Utah Jazz, AFL, Ford, SVEDKA, NuSkin, Harley Davidson, Adidas, Heineken, Bud Light, Nordic Track, iFit, Altra Running, ProForm, Home Shopping Network, Albion Fit, Black Clover, OGIO, Golds Gym, JOICO, CNN, and Rebel Sport. Additionally, Chenelle is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Life Coach! Currently, Chenelle is a celebrity trainer at Rise Nation in West Hollywood. You can also catch her teaching Jazz, Heels, Street Jazz, Jazz Funk or Commercial Hip-Hop at Millennium Dance Complex in LA, Salt Lake City, Orange County and Las Vegas, or at various workshops and intensives all over the world. Be sure to follow Chenelle (@chenellemonique) to find out when and where she’s teaching next!

It’s evident that Chenelle has achieved amazing success by committing to self-discipline, building self-confidence and most importantly, cultivating self-awareness. Chenelle believes that when you know who you are and create a clear vision for your life, you begin to have a better idea of what people and situations work and feel best for you. You attract the people, places and experiences you want to have! We also love that Chenelle is an advocate for work and life balance. This badass female encourages all women to makes no excuses or apologies for finding room for all the things they want out of life. Thank you Chenelle for showing us that with the right support system, we truly can have it all!

Written by Alessia Rotino

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

We absolutely ADORE how much of a badass boss babe you are while being a proud mother and wife. How do you balance it all? Have there been any obstacles where being a mom has interfered with your work or vice versa?

Oh gosh, first of all THANK YOU. Second of all, finding the balance is something I have to take day by day... it looks different EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Some days I feel like I’m wonder woman and can take on everything with ease, some days are more challenging than others and I feel like I’m failing at all the things lol. I’m always operating from a space of my family comes first. ALWAYS. Everything I do is for all of us. I am very particular about where I put my energy, what auditions or classes I take, what jobs I agree to, etc. I have had to get really clear with what my goals are, and only invest my time, money and energy into things that will get me closer to being THAT woman. In my career, if it is going to take away from time spent with my husband and children, it needs to be with people and situations that inspire me, or environments that stimulate, challenge and help me evolve as a woman. I absolutely LOVE being a wife and mother. I am very nurturing by nature and I feel like those roles come SO easily and enjoyably for me. I also LOVE my chosen career path and what it has evolved into. I feel so blessed to be able to live and continue to pursue my dreams every single day. I wouldn’t be whole if I chose one and not the other; they are BOTH so much a part of who I am. For me it was never a choice of one or the other, it was, “How do we make this work, and what does that look like?” Let me add, while I consider myself an UNSTOPPABLE independent woman... I would not be able to accomplish nearly as much as I do, if it weren't for the most supportive husband! We have built an empire together and as much as I am honored to hear you think I balance it all, that is largely due to the fact that I chose the right partner to do it all alongside me! Could I do it all alone? Maybe… but it’s way more fun to do it all together.

There have DEFINITELY been many obstacles, as I’m sure there will continue to be, such is life. There have been many times that jobs or auditions have come up that I have turned away for special moments with my family that I could never miss. There have also been conscious short-term sacrifices with my family I’ve had to make in order to achieve long-term goals. I think one thing that’s been key for me in navigating this is communication. From the beginning I’ve had to be very transparent and open with my agents and thank heavens they are the incredibly supportive and have offered me so much guidance! (Shout out to GTA ... ILY) I try to look at everything from an eternal perspective. I’m in it all for the long game and sometimes what seems fun or right in this moment may not truly be feeding my long-term goals. Again, to me it all comes back to having clarity, and really staying true to that vision while really knowing what my goals are, and being clear on WHY I want to achieve certain things. To me it’s more important that I vibe with the people around me and am enjoying the process than that I get a new credit on my resume.

Why do you think it’s important for women to believe they can have the career of their dreams AND have a family at the same time?

Why not?!?!? First and foremost, I think it's SO important for women to believe they can create whatever life they want for themselves! I understand not all women WANT the family or the career and of course I support those choices too; however, if a family is something you want... it is not only possible, it is extremely fulfilling and rewarding. It breaks my heart how often I hear from women (and men) in the industry that they wish they had made time to start a family, or hide the fact that they are in a committed relationship or have children to seem more desirable. Being a mother is the greatest honor for me as a woman. It is truly the moment I embraced, embodied and understood what the divine feminine energy is fully capable of in my experience on Earth. I always tell people, imagine the feeling when you create something super special... maybe a new piece of art, a song, a dance, a bomb burrito lol whatever it is... that sense of extreme pride and joy knowing you created something where nothing previously existed. Now imagine that creation having a human soul that sees and connects with yours. That looks into your eyes and you instantly know you’ve shared lifetimes with them before. That shares your same quirks, makes your same facial expressions, and looks up to you like you’re the queen of the world. It’s the coolest thing EVER and I can't possibly imagine giving that up for a job. I guess I just have always trusted that because being a mother is such a vital part of my personal truth, if I answered that call, God would create time and space for the career to follow. When I do things in my own divine order, there is more than enough time for everything.

What do you think women can do to support each other more?

More than anything, I wish women understood the power of their thoughts and their words. I wish women would speak kindness and support over themselves and other women, rather than judgement and criticism. We’re all just doing our best, and everyone's experience is different. Why be the woman that chooses to put that negative energy out into the world? In my experience, women who surround themselves with other strong women ARE unstoppable. I think now more than ever, women are being seen, heard, and celebrated. If you feel like you’re not being supported as a woman, try genuinely supporting other women, and see how quickly that comes back to you! Take their class, buy their art, help them in their homes, buy coffee for a friend, do what you can with what you have, because at the end of the day we’re all just helping each other home. This is getting so cliché haha but it’s honestly how I feel, and something I consciously try to be an example of every single day... plus, you know what they say... a candle doesn’t dim by lighting another candle. 

What does having confidence mean to you?

Confidence, in my opinion, is KNOWING who you are, what you stand for and what you believe in. It’s not being afraid to ask yourself those questions, and keep digging until you find the answers. Being grounded in your truth and trusting your path (shout out to women's circle for helping me sink into that one). Confidence is being so sure of your value and the energy you bring, that you don’t have to hide behind a façade. You just get to BE. It’s freeing, you get to be flawed, and imperfect and its fine because you know those perceived weaknesses are pointing you to what more you get to learn to reach your next level! Then, from that space being able to share and spread your light with the world!

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl? 

K, first of all...I get chills thinking about where to even begin answering this question. Can we all just agree that a YGTGirl is its own special breed of badass female!?! Like, talk about a powerhouse tribe of unique individuals. I would define a YGTGirl as a fearless female, with a kind heart, big ambitions and a soul set on fire!! A girl who leads by example and isn’t afraid to search for and stand up for the truth! I think a YGTGirl is a girl who KNOWS she has the power to change the world and the grit to MAKE IT HAPPEN!