Our #FEMMFEATUREFRIDAY this week is very near and dear to our hearts! We are so excited for you to get to know YGTG Army member, Madison Estes! Originally from a small town in Nevada, Madison currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. Madison’s radiant positivity truly lights up every room she walks into. Her infectious smile and impenetrable enthusiasm for life is what makes this girl so special! If you know Madison, you undoubtedly appreciate her effortless way of keeping all those around her tickled pink with laughter and all around good vibes!

Madison has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Minor in Nutrition from the University of Utah. After earning her degree, she landed a one-year position traveling as a Collegiate Development Consultant. She has had the privilege to work for the US Department of Commerce as a Performance Management Analyst and as a Customer Service Manager at the Office of Admissions for the University of Utah. Currently, Madison is working towards her Masters in Finance at the University of Utah. Madison has a heart of gold and she always finds time in her busy schedule to give back to her community. Madison has volunteered for the Boston Marathon, Service for Sight and for Hunger and Food Justice Advocacy near Seattle, Washington.

We love how Madison always sees the glass half full. Madison’s trust in the universe paired with her “can-do” attitude is what continues to guide her along her journey. No matter what this optimistic girl is faced with, Madison has faith that there is always something to be learned and something that can be gained from any situation. She has experienced first hand the amount of personal growth that can result from putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. Ultimately, Madison is a genuine soul who believes in the magic of new opportunities. Thank you Madison for reminding us that the most authentic and real form of self-acceptance is overflowing happiness.

Written by Alessia Rotino

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

What does being a feminist mean to you? 

To me, being a feminist is not a dirty word and it does not mean you hate men. Being a feminist means you believe in equality. 

What motivates you to keep pushing and pursuing your dreams, even in moments of doubt?

I continually remind myself that my self-doubt does not define who I am or what I am capable of. I often ask myself these two questions: if not me, then who and if not now, then when? Ultimately, the idea of building new and the never ending opportunity to challenge for better helps me keep pushing and pursuing my dreams even in moments of doubt.

What do women need to hear right now? If you could give one message to women across the globe, what would it be?

One message for every woman: you are enough

What makes being a woman uniquely special? Can you tell us about a time you relished in being a woman?

A woman’s ability to be fiercely capable on her own, and utterly unstoppable when supporting other women makes a female uniquely special. Truly not a day goes by that I don’t relish in being a woman. 

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl?

My definition of a YGTGirl is a very powerful woman who realizes she’s even more powerful together than separate.