This week our #FEMMEFEATUREFRIDAY is the beautiful Alisha Tallarico! Alisha is a professional dancer who is originally from Vancouver, Canada and is currently residing on the West Coast in Los Angeles, California. We love how this incredible girl finds so much joy and fulfillment from dreaming big! She understands that determination and hard work both play a huge role in achieving your goals, but she is also open to allowing the road to help guide her in the right direction. It is so amazing to see how Alisha has made space for more opportunities to enter her life through acceptance. Alisha’s undeniable passion and fearless grit is what truly makes this bombshell so inspiring!

Alisha is on the rise with an already impressive and extensive resume. This talented woman is continuously sought after in the industry! Some of her credits include New Balance Live Dance Fashion Show, Featured Dancer on Lucifer TV Show, and the Assistant to Robin Antin for Pussycat Doll workshops in Toronto and LA. She has also danced at Nevada Pride for artist and choreographer Bobby Newberry and performed in the opening act for Fabolous and Pusha T on the Pussycat Dolls segment with Extra TV and KTLA. Not to mention, Alisha has had quite the successful modeling career and has walked the runways for Los Angeles Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and Jovani Fashion Show. She was also selected as a Maxim Covergirl Finalist and Sports Illustrated Swim Finalist.

Alisha is a true go-getter and believes that all women are capable of achieving everything and anything they set their minds to. Alisha reminds us that we are multi-layered and we all possess unlimited potential in any field we pursue. What we admire most about this special gal is how she encourages us to focus on the positive. No matter how many hiccups you encounter in your journey, Alisha reassures us that we can push past struggles by simply remembering how far we’ve come. This is a girl who embodies the strength, perseverance and self-love needed to see her dreams through to the very end. Thank you Alisha for being the ultimate example of what it means to be a YGTGirl!

Written by Alessia Rotino

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

What do you love most about being a woman?

I love that we can be compassionate and powerful at the same time. I love TV and movie characters that have badass women taking on generally male focused roles! Women who are police officers, business owners, lawyers, fire fighters etc.Woman really can do anything we set our minds to... and in 6” heels!

Tell us about one of the hardest decisions you’ve ever had to make in your life. How did the experience shape you into the woman you are today?

One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make is quitting a job that was my dream job when I realized it no longer served me the way I had hoped for. I worked extremely hard at a job that I thought would help me achieve my biggest goal, and ended up being let down in a very difficult way. But it shaped me into the woman I am now by realizing no matter how hard things get... I can find a way to get through it. Entertainment is a very hard career to be in because in a way, it has nothing to do with being good at what you do because everyone is good! It comes down to what is meant for you and it’s not always what you had hoped for or imagined, but you just have to keep your head up, work as hard as you can and know that something else will come along that is perfectly for you. 

What makes pursuing your dreams so rewarding? Why is it important for women to dream big? 

What makes pursuing my dreams so rewarding is how hard I had to work to get where I am today! I’m Canadian, from Vancouver, and I had to get approved for an entertainment visa to be able to come to the US and work! When I was a teen in my dance competition days I was not an amazing dancer or winning at all the competitions by any means! I’d come last sometimes in my solos! I was an underdog but I was always the most passionate about dance by a mile. I then trained and trained and became so much stronger at my craft and opportunities started to come my way! So, being able to put my visa work together finally and be approved for an O-1 was a huge achievement. It is a VERY lengthy process, time consuming, exhausting and costs a lot of money and you have no guarantee of actually getting approved! But, I ended up getting approved and being here in LA fulfilling the dreams I had, makes it all worth it! ALSO, sometimes things you didn’t think about doing, end up working out as well and then you create new dreams and goals and achieve more and more along the way. I was always a dancer, when I moved to LA I started modeling and that has gotten me much farther in my career then I could have ever thought! I walked runways in LA, NY and Miami and these were goals that I didn’t originally have but I set along the journey and conquered! Even though it wasn’t an original dream of mine, now I have so many more modeling goals to achieve as well as dance goals and it feels good to have options and keep working towards and achieving my goals and dreams. 

I think it is SO important for woman to dream big because it gives you something to look forward to and test your strengths and passion! Then you feel amazing when you achieve the dream! I’ve always had crazy big goals for myself and it’s scary sometimes but also so rewarding. All women can dream big and fulfill those dreams if they believe in themselves and don’t give up! So corny I know! 

If you could go back in time and give your younger self some advice, what would you say to her?

I would tell my younger self that even though there will be MANY bumps and struggles along the way, if you just keep working hard, and push through the struggles… know that it will eventually pay off if you don’t give up! And also I would tell my self to enjoy more of the moments along the journey... Have more fun, don’t take everything so seriously and take more risks. Also, instead of focusing on what you haven’t achieved… focus on how far you’ve come.But in saying that, all I can do now is take that advice into my own future!

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl?

A YGTGirl is a woman who doesn’t take no for an answer. Someone who works hard at their career path, sets huge goals for themselves and doesn’t stop until they are achieved. Someone who has multiple struggles thrown their way but always finds a way to come out on top and keep going no matter how hard it gets. YOU GOT THIS, GIRL!