The beautiful and talented Tajana Bunton-Williams is our #FEMMEFEATUREFRDAY this week! Tajana is a professional dancer who grew up in The United Kingdom and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Tajana describes herself as an ever-growing woman, consistently seeking new ways to learn and evolve into her best possible self each and every day. What we admire most about Tajana is her openness to life. By creating space for her inner voice to be heard, she has allowed it to guide her down a path that is aligned with her most genuine and authentic self.

Since making the move out West, Tajana has had unparalleled success in the dance industry! She’s had the privilege to dance for artists such as Beyoncé on her Formation World Tour, Lemonade Visual Album, BET Awards, MTV Music Awards, Tidal, the Grammys and Coachella. Her credits also include Janelle Monae, Lily Allen, Iggy Azalea, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, Fall Out Boy, Big Sean, Olly Murs, Fleur and The Lion King. Additionally, Tajana has performed at the Billboard Awards, iHeart Awards, Good Morning America, Global Citizen, Afro Punk, Made in America, SNL, Wango Tango, Victoria Secret’s Show, X Factor UK, Graham Norton, Alan Car, Wireless, Glastonbury, Jingle Bell Ball, Summertime Ball, Radio 1Xtra and Phillip Plein Fashion Show. To find out more about Tajana and all of the exciting projects she has been a part of, check out her website: www.tajanabwilliams.com.

Tajana is truly a rock star! She teaches us that self-confidence will ultimately always lead us to the opportunities we are ready for. When we sincerely believe that we are enough, we are capable and most importantly, deserving of the things we want to achieve, that is when we will start to see our wildest dreams manifest before our very eyes. Tajana has such an empowering outlook on the success of women as a collective. She believes that when we see a woman flourishing, we should support, encourage and lift her up. We all move forward towards our communal goal when we relish in each other’s achievements. Thank you Tajana for reminding us that we are all connected!

Written by Alessia Rotino

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Tell us about how it felt to move to a different continent to pursue your passion? Was there fear involved? How did you know this was ultimately the right decision to make?

Funny enough I wasn't fearful at all. I think it all transpired so quickly I didn't even really have the time to digest what was happening. I knew that London would only be able to take me so far, and that if I wanted to travel the world with major artists that the United States was certainly the place. It did take a minute to adjust to my lifestyle in LA, not having my friends and family around was tough, and I missed the buzzing city life that London had, but I found ways to fill those voids after a few months. I knew it was the right decision as shortly after I moved I had an audition for Madonna's World Tour, and auditions like that don't happen in London, so I was just so so grateful to be in a city where I was presented with those opportunities.

What do you think is the most important thing for young girls to hear right now? What advice would you give to them? 

I think it is important for young girls to hear that we are enough, that you are enough. Nobody is you, and our individuality is what makes us special. If we continue to compare ourselves and try to like ourselves to the next person… we are losing our individuality. The dance industry taught me that, though it did take me a few years to get to a stable secure space. Once I got there, I was presented with the biggest and best opportunities and I without a doubt know that was because of the confidence I had in myself.

What makes being a woman uniquely special? Can you tell us about a time you relished in being a woman?

I think our ability to empathise and truly feel and connect makes us unique. That we can come together and support one another, and take on so much and still be successful. However, I sat here for a while and thought really hard and was even considering making something up, but I don't think I have yet experienced a time that I relished being a woman, although there are many things that I believe are in store for me that will give me that feeling. Approximately a year ago I did a music video where the director was female, a young European female, and that gave me so much hope. I almost relished being a woman watching her work lol. Those things really inspire me and remind me that anything I want to do is possible. So, I look forward to the days where I can work in a position of authority where women, especially black woman don’t commonly stand. That will certainly be a moment I relish. 

What was your first lesson or experience with self-acceptance? What does self-acceptance mean to you today?

You know, when I first started dancing, I did everything to make myself "bookable". I changed my hair, I would attend every event even if I didn't want to, I was so cautious of how I came across to everyone as I wanted to make sure I was liked by everyone. And I remember on my last tour in London another one of the dancers had such a free spirit that was so infectious. I looked at her and could see that she was unapologetically her, and I wanted that freedom. From there, I didn't question my gut and was presented with amazing opportunities. Most importantly, I wasn't exhausted by people pleasing. So today, self-acceptance to me means that I am happy to be different, I accept my flaws and see the beauty in them, I accept other people and their decisions too. I no longer compare myself or get too hard on myself when I make mistakes; I trust my gut and intuition, but remain open to learn more about life every day.

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl?

To me, it’s a female who knows who she is, knows what she wants, and won't relent until she gets there. She is compassionate with others, and understands that life can be difficult for everyone, but will support herself and others to achieve all that they can.