Our #FEMMEFEATUREFRIDAY this week is truly something special! We are so excited to introduce you to the lovely Arista Arhin. Arista is a young actress from Toronto, Canada. What we admire most about Arista is how she effortlessly maintains a balance between her academics, pursuing her acting career and enjoying some of favourite pastimes including dancing, playing volleyball and softball, fashion and exploring her hometown. It is so inspiring to see how this busy bee has taken charge of her life at such a young age. Arista is proof that we can only know what we are capable of once we make the decision to be brave and go after our hearts deepest desires!

Constructing quite the extensive resume before even pursing acting, Arista had the opportunity to model for major campaigns including Spin Master, Walmart, and Hasbro. She landed her first acting gig after being casted as Ozlyn in the award-winning children's live action educational television series Odd Squard (TVOKids/PBS Kids). She can also be seen in the latest reboot of the iconic television series Star Trek: Discovery (CBS). Today, you can catch Arista starring as Alicia Windsor in the highly anticipated family comedy series Bajillionaires (Family Channel/Universal Kids). Not to mention, this rock star is the recipient of the 2018 Joey Awards! Arista won in the category of Best Recurring or Lead Actress in a Children’s Television Show for her role as Ozlyn in Odd Squad. Look out world… this is just the beginning for Arista!

Needless to say, Arista is a go-getter! She is a reminder to all of us that it is never too early to go after the things we want. With persistent hard work and a strong determination, our tireless efforts will inevitably be rewarded. This ray of light also shows us that success is simply the result of what we do to better ourselves from day-to-day. Most importantly, Arista beautifully illustrates the life lesson of patience. Patience is one of the hardest things we have to learn while working towards our biggest goals. Dreaming big not only requires lots of hard work, but unlimited amounts of faith and trust that the universe will always deliver what’s yours. Thank you Arista for showing us that following your dreams should always be a part of our path!

Written by Alessia Rotino

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart) | Photo by Mark Binks

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart) | Photo by Mark Binks

What makes pursuing your dreams so rewarding? Why is it important for girls to dream big?

Before I started acting, seeing girls my age in TV shows and films, I thought it would be very difficult for me to accomplish anything in that industry. Nevertheless, I decided to pursue my passion for acting, and from my present position, I see that I was able to achieve some of the things I have only dreamed of. It just goes to show that girls need to dream big and that they should not feel constrained by their (young) age, or other people’s expectations. They will not be able to know all the things they can accomplish unless they dream big and pursue their passions.

Who is your biggest female inspiration? How do you hope to inspire girls?

My biggest female inspiration is my mom. I admire her work ethic, her determination and her heart of gold. Some of the most important things I’ve learned since I started acting, is to work hard, be persistent and, most of all, be patient, especially when waiting for that call as is often the case for actors. My hope would be to inspire girls to work hard and be limited only by the extent of their own efforts.

Take us through a day in the life of Arista Arhin! Tell us some of your favourite things to do and how you balance going to school, taking time to work on your craft, attend auditions etc.

On weekdays, I go to school, and after school, I do my homework and work on project assignments. In my free time, I like to watch YouTube and Netflix. Auditions normally take place after school so there is no interference with my school. On the weekends, I take dance classes, play sports, and like exploring my sense of style by shopping with my friends. I enjoy exploring Toronto, especially the Distillery, Yorkville, and Harbourfront.

You are so young and have already accomplished so much! Tell us about your future goals and aspirations. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In the most immediate future, I aim to continue to excel in school while keeping a healthy balance of my academics and acting. I also like to stay active and play volleyball, ping pong, as well as take dance classes. In 10 years, I see myself working on exciting projects and exploring new roles and genres.

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl?

A YGTGirl is true to herself, pursues her dreams, has an excellent work ethic, is patient and persistent in fulfilling her dreams.