The talented and beautiful Jessa Doll is our #FEMMEFEATUREFRIDAY this week! Jessa is a commercial dancer from Vancouver, Canada, currently residing and living out her dreams in Los Angeles, California. One of the best things about this incredible woman is her dedication to her craft. It is truly inspiring to see how she has manifested some of her biggest goals and aspirations through consistent hard work and self-belief. We also love that Jessa is an advocate for work-life balance. While it is important to stay focused, Jessa reminds us it is equally essential to re-charge and find time to do the things that make our soul happy.

Jessa’s pre-professional journey began while studying art, modern dance and musical theatre at a fine arts high school. After graduating, she joined The Source Dance Company where she studied all other styles of dance including jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop and partnering. After spending two years as a company member, she gained representation with da Costa Talent Agency and embarked on her professional dance career. Later in 2014, Jessa signed with one of Los Angeles leading dance agencies, Bloc Talent Agency and obtained her O1 Artist Visa for the United States. Since moving to LA, Jessa has accumulated a pretty impressive resume! Some of her credits include performing with Ariana Grande at the 2018 Video Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez’s music video Medicine, French Montana, Jeremih, Lele Pons, Freaky Friday, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Adidas, New Balance, Sport Check and Mac Cosmetics. When she’s not lighting up the stage, Jessa works as a movement coach for upcoming artists and actors such as Gia Woods. Today, you can catch Jessa on tour with the leading male Latin artist Maluma on his 11:11 World Tour!

In any career or industry, we are bound to face challenges and Jessa reassures us that it is totally normal and necessary to face these moments. Jessa encourages us to embrace these testing situations with self-love and patience. She shows us that by staying positive and wholeheartedly believing that everything happens for a reason, you are likely to discover something new about who you are. Jessa so wonderfully demonstrates how finding the strength to stick it out could mean you uncover parts about yourself you didn’t even know existed. Thank you Jessa for showing us that acceptance is always the pathway for moving forward!

Written by Alessia Rotino

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Artwork by Chloe Bruderer (@chloeheartsart)

Tell us about a day in the life of Jessa! What are some of the daily ins and outs of being a professional dancer and living on the road?

At the moment I’m currently touring with Latin Artist Maluma. Prior to the job my schedule was pretty relaxed and flexible. I would wake up and then do something I love whether it was yoga, a hike, or the beach! I would then take class or have an audition, anything to do with my craft and profession. I’m a total believer in balance, and that in order to thrive; you need to be sane. AKA doing things you love while working hard and not slacking. Since being on the road, my schedule has done a full 180 haha. With this particular tour we don’t get much down time and when we are not performing we are on the road travelling to the next country. With that being said, I have had to find my moments where I can wake up early and do something other than the job such as finding a cute little coffee shop or exploring. 

What challenges have you encountered being a woman in the entertainment industry? What have these experiences taught you about yourself?

Although, I have not faced too many difficult situations personally, there have been a few things that have come up from time to time. I have a very warm and friendly personality and due to this, some men in power don’t necessarily take me seriously. Therefore I’ve learnt to stick up for myself a bit more and for sure have grown a backbone. I’ve tried to find the balance of being assertive and strong but also kind and warm. Another struggle I face more frequently is the upkeep of beauty and body type in this field. I feel like woman are constantly being asked to look a certain way and to have this glamorous persona, which is definitely not who I am. Five years ago when I first moved to LA I struggled with it a lot! Everyone was stick thin and I was not. I made it a goal to get my body in shape and become healthier but as soon as I achieved that goal the industry wanted thicker girls with curves… Four years went by of me trying to adjust to what I thought the industry wanted, such as changing my hair colour, extensions, style and body type. I always tried doing it in the most authentic way possible but found it absolutely exhausting. Ultimately I was still just trying to figure out who I was. It’s probably only this past year where I’ve said, “I don’t give a crap, either they want me or they don’t”. I definitely have my insecure moments and days where it’s not like that, but I think it was important for me to go through that process of trying things to figure out what I truly liked and didn’t like so I could become my most authentic self.

What does acceptance mean to you? Why is it important that we learn how to practice acceptance in our day-to-day lives?

Acceptance is everything. Not only acceptance within ourselves but also just in the process of our lives. It’s so easy to get caught up in the anxiousness of our future or sometimes past but in order to be content we must learn to accept that everything truly does happen for a reason. I think as long as we are living to our fullest potential each day, which to me means, working your absolute hardest but also enjoying life, we can’t do anything more and the rest is out of our hands. I’m a very anxious person, I’ll be honest, but I read something that really hit home the other day. “ When you stress about something in the future you have the potential of living through it twice” which I know others and myself would never want to do. I’ve been reminding myself of this each day and learning to accept that as long as I’ve done my best today that’s all I can do.

What do women need to hear right now? If you could give one message to women across the globe, what would it be? 

That no one is perfect! At all, not even close… I think woman are getting so caught up in social media land that their idea of an “IT” girl at the moment is not even real, it’s manufactured from photo editing etc. I know many people that have a huge social media presence where they are showcasing this lavish lifestyle, when in reality they’re regular sally sue in sweatpants. So be easy on yourself that is not always real life! 

What’s your definition of a YGTGirl?

My definition of a YGTGIRL means bottom line being a good person and being your true authentic self. The world needs more people like that right now.