Olivia McRae | Social Media & Outreach

Olivia is a strong, vibrant, and extra gal who enjoys books and Netflix binge-watching. Olivia studied Strategic Communications at the University of Utah where she graduated in 2017. During her time in university, she was a member of the Chi Omega Xi Alpha Chapter and was the Treasurer for one year. She currently is helping YGTG with social media, their outreach to other organizations and creating some new channels of communication. Olivia is originally from Salt Lake City but just moved to Los Angeles to try something new and reach new goals!

Olivia loves surrounding herself with others! She is very outgoing and cares deeply about her friends and family. In the summer of 2018, Olivia and a friend started a podcast called Big Poppy. The podcast covers a myriad of topics and truly has something to offer to everyone. Big Poppy believes that all women have an important voice, especially millennial women, and they are passionate about harvesting those voices and shouting them from the rooftops! Be sure to check them out and follow them on Instagram @biddiecity! YGTG has helped Olivia chase her dreams and find that she truly can manifest change and positivity. Olivia is so so excited to be part of this company and can't wait to see what more is to come!