“For me YGTG was a life changing experience. As a coach and choreographer it has brought inspiration and clarity to my approach with my students. More importantly, as a young female artist it has reminded me that life is built on steps and every step I take is crucial. A BIG thank you to Mel and Kim for this wonderful experience and thank you for sharing this with girls around the world!”

- Anna Vafiadis from Montreal, Canada (@anna.vafiadis)

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“When I moved from Australia to Canada, my intention was to take my growth as a performer and as a person to another level. The YOU GOT THIS, GIRL! workshop really changed my life. This workshop extended beyond learning choreography as every performer left this workshop knowing and feeling their own power to manifest anything they desire. Kim & Mel lead this workshop with love and respect for everyone in the room and I truly recommend this amazing experience to anyone who wants to feel fully in charge and in love with their life!”

- Emily Charlotte from Melbourne, Australia @emilycharlotte


"I am a single mom with two teenage daughters and whenever we hit challenges in life, I am always telling them "you got this"! So when we walked into the YGTG workshop, we were excited and eager. We left feeling taller, more confident, and determined! Thank you Kim & Mel for helping young women know that if they set their mind to it, it can be done!”

- Jodi from Montreal, Canada


YGTG has been one of the most phenomenal workshops I have ever taken. The difference between walking in this morning and leaving is beyond compare. Mel and Kim are so personable. Just how open they are to sharing their experiences and their passion with us has just pushed me to my limits to be able to express my passion."

- Jenna Shortt from Toronto, Canada (@jshortt03)


“Côtoyer Mel et Kim par l'entremise de YGTG m'a permis de voir la force qui m'habitait en tant que femme mais aussi en temps qu'individu. Leur histoire et leur personnalité sont inspirantes. Elles nous motivent à écouter notre petite voix intérieur et à rester connecté à nous-même, à nos valeurs et à nos désirs. Elles démontrent que la confiance, le respect et l'amour de soi ainsi que le travail acharné sont de forts moteurs pour réaliser ses rêves. Mettre l'emphase sur ses forces afin de devenir la femme qu'on désire être. Une belle rencontre qui me suivra pour les années à venir.”

- Marie-Pier Fortier from Montreal, Canada (,