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What is YGTG?

YOU GOT THIS, GIRL! teaches women how to be their best selves while chasing their dreams.

We want females everywhere to achieve their goals by cultivating mindfulness, self-love, confidence, and positive mental attitudes first.

Our events provide a safe and compassionate environment for women to unleash their highest potential. Through meditation, yoga, movement, journaling, and discussion, our teachings give females the necessary tools they need to take care of their minds, bodies, and spirits while crafting a life they love.

We are dedicated to providing a supportive community to as many ladies as possible, and we have taken YGTG all around the world since launching in 2016. It is our steadfast goal to breed female leaders who have the right mindset and support system to embrace their unique selves and share their voices with the world. Our work is purely fueled from the heart, and we are on a mission to passionately foster women who go against the grain, push boundaries, love themselves, and love others.

We believe women can do anything when they learn to love themselves first.

We believe the world is a better place when women chase their dreams.

We are here to tell women, “YOU GOT THIS.”

 We believe in women.

We believe in you.

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