What is YGTG?

YGTG girls circle.png

YOU GOT THIS, GIRL! is an empowerment workshop dedicated to educating and inspiring young females.

We believe that truly empowering females means teaching them how to be confident, self-aware, and passionate, and we train females to achieve their goals while being their best selves. Our events offer DANCE and YOGA classes that help cultivate SELF-AWARENESS, SELF-CONFIDENCE, PERSONAL STRENGTH, and POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDES. We've taught all over the United States and Canada and we continue to expand our movement of empowering females everywhere.  

Our goal is to foster PASSIONATE, DETERMINED, and KIND-HEARTED individuals who will have all the tools necessary to chase after their biggest goals and live their most fulfilled lives. 

We are on a mission to encourage girls all over the world to fearlessly pursue whatever makes them happy.  We hope to guide young women closer toward their unique purposes, and help them create life-long journeys filled with peace, love, and joy. 

You are in charge of your life... as long as YOU believe it.